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Road tripping through Southern Norway

It was a beautiful Norwegian summer and it was our first time visiting this amazing country. Our friends Jonas and Rachel picked us up and that started our road trip! After a few days in Oslo we headed west out towards a place called Seljord. I will never forget this place and the amazing mountains, lake and the quietness this area had to offer. We hit the road again and made our way to Stavanger on the West Coast. Our plans were to hike Preikestolen (also known as Pulpit Rock) which is a 1.5-2 hour hike up to a flat rock over looking the fjord below. It was a breathtaking place, although with the strong winds around that evening, it was also quite terryfying!

After leaving Preikestolen, we drove along the south coast of Norway to Kristiansand. Jonas wanted to take us to a local soccer (or football depending on where you’re from!) game. We then made our way to a lovely little town on the south coast called Risør. It’s filled with quaint little white cottages covered in flowers and the harbour is the place to be on a clear summer’s day. This is where our southern Norway road trip came to an end, but we were in awe of the ever changing landscape… we had never seen anything like it before!


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